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It's is a brand new exciting format, presenting talk in a hipper and contemporary upbeat style.

We have the largest coverage area of any radio station in Southern Illinois, we cover parts of 5 states.

We have a very creative production department that produces and voices commercials and production pieces for ABC radio networks, radio and TV stations all over the world, XM and Sirius, and Rock Star Games New York. We know we can create a commercial that stands out from the crowd and making it sound like you're a Fortune 500 business...getting you RESULTS!

People listen to commercials on our station because we give away things like Salukies Tickets, Miners Tickets, Holiday World passes and much more...but we ONLY give them away during commercial breaks. So people pay attention to commercials on AM 1150.

We have a superstar lineup with "The Rick And Bubba Show", Dennis Miller and Dave Ramsey.

With our diverse programs throughout the day, we can deliver a broad audience.

We also give your commercial a mention on our web directory which is for our sponsors only! It will be mentioned at the end of the spot to log onto wggh.net so people can go to our website and find out more about your business if they didn't have time to write down your phone number!


WGGH began daytime-only broadcast operations on September 24, 1949, with 500 watts of power under the ownership of general manager Hartley Grisham and chief engineer George W. Dodds, a partnership doing business as the Marion Broadcasting Company. Dodds bought out Grisham to become sole owner of the station in 1955. At the same time, Dodds relocated WGGH to its current broadcast facility and got authorization from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to increase the station's signal strength to 5,000 watts.